How to Tell a Fake Oakley

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For all Oakley enthusiasts,, buying a new pair of glasses is something to look forward to. Unfortunately fakes are also very common in the market, particularly online. Everyone loves buying for less, but in terms of Oakley, glasses that are hugely discounted should have your alarm bells ringing indicating that they are fakes. To avoid disappointment, look out for these other tell-tale signs of fake Oakley sunglasses.

Look for the “O” on the arm of the Oakley frame. Original Oakleys have an “O” that is a separate piece which is glued to the frame. It should be raised and painted. Fakes have a flat painted or printed “O” that can be removed easily by scratching.

Look for the words “Made in the USA” on the inner part of the frame. All Oakleys are manufactured in the United States. If a stamp shows “Made in China” or any other country of origin, the glasses are fakes.

Assess the weight of the glasses. Fakes usually are made from cheap, lightweight plastic, whereas original Oakleys are made from high-quality metals and alloys.

Examine the nose piece. Oakleys use rubber on the nose piece that should feel soft and sticky. Fake Oakleys have a nose piece made from plastic that looks glossy and feels hard and smooth.

Verify the design from the Oakley website to ensure that the design you’re interested in is featured on the website. Pay particular attention to the color of the frame and lenses. Some lens types and colors are specific to certain models. Fakes often will offer variations not normally found in the originals.

Look out for the presence of stickers on the glasses. Oakley never places any type of stickers on the glasses--not even on prescription frames. Fakes may have a sticker stating “Genuine Oakley." If you require prescription glasses, the lenses will be manufactured and fitted by Oakley and mailed directly to you.