How to Teach Children About Presidents' Day

How to Teach Children About Presidents' Day. Celebrated on the third Monday in February, Presidents' Day is a day for honoring the people who have served as president of the United States. It's both educational and fun to involve children in the celebration of Presidents' Day. Use the information below to teach them about this popular holiday.

Incorporate art by decorating with patriotic props and images. Ask children to draw a picture of a president. Hang flags or pictures of eagles around the room. Talk about these symbols with the children and discuss why they're associated with Presidents' Day.

Start a discussion with children by asking them various questions about presidents. For example, ask them what activities they think presidents do everyday or what they would do if they were president.

Show the children coins and bills featuring the portraits of presidents. Teach them which president is shown on each coin or bill.

Find some age-appropriate books about presidents and Presidents' Day. Depending upon the children's reading level, either ask them to read the books or read them to the children.

Gather art supplies, such as construction paper, paint and markers. Ask the children to create Presidents' Day cards for friends or family members. Talk about images and words the children can put on their cards and why those things represent Presidents' Day.

Have children write a letter to the president. They can thank the president or express their opinion about a current event or issue.

Ask children to choose their favorite president and propose a new monument that is dedicated to that president. The children need to explain why they've chosen the individual they're honoring and how the monument will represent that president.