How to Taper a Beard's Neckline

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Although full neck beards are occasionally preferred by some men, many also prefer to gradually taper the beard between the Adam's apple and jawline. This creates a trimmed appearance below the beard, without additional scruff and an apparent lack of maintenance. Tapering a beard's neckline is a straightforward process, making the beard-to-neck transition clean and manicured.

Trim any excess beard length at the neckline by running the finer section of the comb through any scraggly hair. Snip off the excess beard hair along the comb with a pair of sharp scissors. Continue around the perimeter of the beard.

Hold the comb at a 45-degree angle to the neck. Taper the beard below the jawline and above the Adam's apple using the electric razor. Work from the center out. This will create a slight fade as the beard hair approaches the Adam's apple.

Apply shaving cream to the section underneath the new neckline. Shave the neck clean, using a straight or disposable razor.

Moisturize and soothe the newly shaved neck, using a warm and wet towel.