How to Tan Fast in a Tanning Bed


0:00 hello my name is Melissa I'm here at

0:02 Maui tan in Atlanta we have two

0:05 locations this is our bindings location

0:07 our other location is in Midtown Atlanta

0:09 here we offer UVB free beds mystic spray

0:13 tans all sorts of products and a great

0:17 knowledge about tanning in order to get

0:19 a tan fast from a tanning bed you can

0:21 there are several things that you can do

0:23 one might be to use a lotion with a

0:25 bronzer nib such as kneading Nirvana

0:27 or lover perfect from our devoted

0:29 creations line a bronzer is going to

0:32 give you that added topical color that's

0:34 going to look great

0:35 another possible solution would be to

0:38 use a single ocean this is definitely

0:40 for the experience tanner so make sure

0:42 that you speak with your salon employee

0:45 before trying a tingle you want to be

0:48 sure to tan at least every other day

0:50 when first building up your base color

0:52 your old skin is going to turn over

0:53 every four days so if you're coming

0:55 every five days you're going to lose

0:57 that first base tan that you started

0:59 with coming every other day helps you

1:01 build up that color that you want to get

1:03 to and from that point on you could come

1:05 a little bit less often if you'd like