How to Tan at a Tanning Salon

How to Tan at a Tanning Salon. Tanning salons have become an important part of the everyday busy life so many of us live. However, with the addition of tanning salons, no one has to go without that much desired tan. The following steps will tell you how to use the tanning bed so you can stay tanned year around.

Decide if you want to use a horizontal or vertical bed. You lay down in the horizontal bed and stand up in the vertical one. Once you have decided this, contact tanning salons in your area and find out if you can become a member.

Ask about the monthly specials. Most tanning salons allow you to tan unlimited for one month for a set fee. Compare prices and decide which place would be best for you. It is much cheaper to pay by the month than by each individual session.

Apply a light sunscreen the first couple of times you are in the tanning bed to ensure you do not get severely burned. If you have a dark complexion already, you may not need to apply any. It is important to be cautious, however, and use as much precaution as you see fit.

Renew your monthly membership when the first month runs out if you were satisfied with the results. If not, maybe you should try a different salon.