How to Take Out a Round Belly Ring

Carol Giffen

After you have waited the proper amount of time for your belly ring area to heal, you will want to change it out from time to time. To do this, take your current belly ring out and replace it with a new one. This gives you a new look. There is a proper way to take your belly ring out to reduce the chance of infection.

Use Dial to wash your hands. Dial is a good hand wash to use because it has an anti-microbial property to it. Your hands are responsible for spreading the most amount of germs, so cleaning them before touching your belly ring is important.

Use a navel wash to wash your belly ring and surrounding areas (see link in Resources). This will prep your skin for removal of the ring.

Unscrew the ball on your belly ring. The ball will come loose and you will be able to slide the ring up and out the hole in the top of your belly button.

Take a cotton swab and dip it in your navel wash. Use it to clean the 2 holes from where you just removed the ring.