How to Take Off Metal Snap Buttons in Sewing

Snaps date back to the 1800's when they were sewn on to fabric by the clothing manufacturer. Today, not only are sew on snaps available to consumers, but snaps whose attachment requires no sewing are also on the market. Removing a snap from clothing is an easy process regardless of what type of snap you need to remove.

Removing Snaps Without Stitches

Turn your piece of fabric over so that the back of the snap is exposed.

Insert the tip of your sewing scissors underneath the edge of the back of the snap.

Apply gentle pressure, push and lift your scissors in order to wedge the tip further into the back of the snap. Continue to do this until you are able to lift the snap up from the fabric using the flat side of your scissors.

Remove Sew-On Snaps

Turn your fabric over to leave the back of the snap exposed.

Insert the sharp edge of your seam ripper underneath one of the stitches.

Lift the seam ripper up and push it forward to cut the stitch. Cut all stitchs around the snap in the same manner.