How to Style Your Coffee Table Beautifully


Did you know you have a blank canvas sitting in the middle of your living room, just waiting to be the center of attention? It's the flat surface with four legs that often becomes the dumping ground for mail and outdated magazines — you know the one. It's the coffee table, of course! Give your coffee table a new look that will add color, texture and personality to the overall decor of your living space with DIY touches as eye-catching as antlers and as classic as flower arrangements. When you've made enough stylish additions to suit your personal tastes, your coffee table will become a year-round centerpiece with a completely polished vignette.

Create a Foundation With a Marble Serving Tray

Once you've decided to redo your coffee table, the first step is to give your design style and functionality. This marble tray with gold details fits the bill. Not only will the converted marble tile look beautiful atop your table, but it will come in handy for your next dinner party. Your appetizers will look gorgeous!

Simple Stylings - Marble Tray

Place an Embellished Faux Antler Atop Your Favorite Books

If you think of a Texas-style ranch the moment someone mentions antlers, we have a version for you that is more chic than country. This faux antler, which is detailed with a few coats of cleverly-placed paint, will add texture to your coffee table and look great on your favorite page-turners.

Carrie Waller

Bring in Some Geometry With Sculptural Spheres

These artistic spheres will certainly make a statement. Made with only some vinyl tubing, wire and your choice of spray paint, these spheres look great any time of year. You'll even notice your guests gravitate toward them — they are fun to hold!

Lucy Akins

Add Dimension and Color With Clay Vases

Handmade pottery doesn't have to take days to finish, or cost a pretty penny, when these vases — made from air-dried clay — are within reach. While they can't hold water, they will certainly hold whatever shape you desire. Consider painting them to match your living room's color palette, or even go bold with a bright, contrasting color.

Lucy Akins

Fill in a Corner With Flower Arrangements That Last

If you made some beautiful vases, or have an heirloom you'd like to showcase, consider a flower arrangement that will never wilt. With these three artificial flower arrangements, your space will be full of color and life, well, so to speak. Make all three to swap out periodically, or just pick the one that fits your vase best.

Summer Hogan

Lay Down Some Vintage Map Coasters

Don't worry about rings when you adorn your coffee table with these DIY vintage map coasters. With some plywood, hot glue and paper maps (remember those?), you can have coasters so unique that guests will automatically use them. Pro tip: tell a story by using maps of your favorite cities or places you've been.

Summer Hogan

Brighten Your Table With Painted Pine Cones for All Seasons

Whether you plan to use these brightly painted pine cones for holiday decor or not, this versatile craft project is sure to please. Consider rustic reds and oranges for fall, blues and whites for winter, or even paint them pink and turn them upside down to look like zinnias in the spring. For extra pizzazz, add some glitter to the tips to sparkle in the evening light.

Jonathan Fong

Store Treasures in Faux Marble Boxes

Since coffee tables can often become a repository for small change or keys, these ingenious faux marble boxes can keep everything in one place. All you need is a cardboard box with a lid and some marble contact paper, and in one afternoon you will have a box that looks completely polished.

Carrie Waller

Watch Succulents Take Root in Mini Hydroponic Holders

Succulents are little natural pieces of art that deserve to be displayed, and these glass hydroponic vases are a great way to showcase the delicate greens, purples and yellows in each plant. With some small glass containers, aluminum sheeting and hydroponic nutrients, you will be able to watch your plants grow — both above and below the water line.

Lucy Akins

Light Up Your Living Room With Wooden Wick Candles

Nothing sets the mood like candles, and these creative wood-wicked candles will build the ambiance you are looking for. The wooden wicks not only look graceful, but they crackle as they burn, giving your space the sounds and feel of a comfortable campfire or wood-burning fireplace. Melt your wax to put in mason jars, or even tea cups, and enjoy the glow.

Tim & Mary Vidra