How to Style Hair Like Kris Jenner


0:05 hey I'm Steven Marinero the salon guy 20

0:08 year hair stylist and celebrity media

0:10 and beauty correspondent and today I'm

0:12 going to show you guys how to style hair

0:13 like Kris Jenner so I've got my lovely

0:15 model Wanda here who has a very similar

0:17 haircut to Kris Jenner she's got a lot

0:19 of variations of her hair sometimes I

0:21 spend a lot shorter sometimes but not

0:22 longer but I'm gonna give you the

0:23 general idea of how to get that Kris

0:25 Jenner hair haul which is so popular

0:27 before we do that you're going to need a

0:29 few key tools and products now what

0:33 you're going to need as far as products

0:35 go are I like to use a some sort of

0:38 argan oil or smoothing oil just to kind

0:40 of help control that frizz make it nice

0:42 and smooth a little bit of a volumizing

0:45 product depending on whatever one you

0:47 use whether it's a gel or cream nothing

0:49 too too heavy but something to get a

0:50 nice little bit of volume in there and

0:51 also a styling cream to help give a

0:53 little bit of control when you're

0:55 styling the hair what I like to do is

0:56 actually cocktail these products

0:58 together and I use about two pumps of

1:03 each product and what that does it

1:07 actually allows you to cocktail them and

1:13 they're all they all have a purpose each

1:15 product a little bit of that lightly mix

1:18 them together like so and then apply it

1:22 to the hair now when you're applying it

1:24 because it's on a shorter hair you want

1:26 to kind of work it through from the

1:28 scalp to the ends get a nice amount of

1:31 product in there and not overly

1:34 saturated but definitely enough to where

1:37 it's pretty evenly distributed

1:41 throughout the hair now most of times if

1:45 your hair is wet you're coming out of

1:47 the shower does have to be soaking

1:49 soaking wet I like this kind of towel

1:50 blot it a little bit and also comb the

1:53 product through which helps get even

1:55 distribution as well so now I've got the

1:57 products applied in the hair now we have

1:59 to find out what tools we're going to

2:00 use I like to use a sculpting brush

2:02 which is a nice controllable brush which

2:04 helps keep the hair nice and smooth and

2:05 helps lay it flat to the head and also a

2:08 small to medium sized round brush which

2:10 we can use throughout the top to help

2:12 give a little more

2:13 throughout the top here and then of

2:16 course last but not least our blow dryer

2:19 so now what I'm going to do is blow-dry

2:23 the back part of this hair here with the

2:25 sculpting brush and then we're going to

2:27 work our way to the top so when you're

2:29 blow-drying you want to start in the

2:30 back part of the head and this brush

2:32 allows you to kind of really lay the

2:34 hair smoothly to the head but also you

2:37 can use this to get some volume by

2:39 locking it in and turning it out so what

2:41 I'm going to do now is blow-dry the

2:43 bottom half up to the top and then we're

2:45 going to show you how to get the top and

2:47 the sides done

2:53 now when you're working on the back you

2:56 can continue into the sides here a

2:58 little bit because it naturally will

2:59 flow into the sides and this brush will

3:01 help you control this and have it lay a

3:03 little bit smoother but also get a

3:04 little bit of volume

3:10 as you can see when you're pushing their

3:13 hair forward this way it actually

3:14 smoothes it out and a lot of times you

3:17 want to have a smoother looking through

3:18 here to help eliminate frizz and also

3:20 have it look in better condition as well

3:22 then come around to the other side and

3:24 repeat the same process now when you get

3:27 to the front as you can see the hair is

3:29 coming down and Kris Jenner has had her

3:31 hair a little bit longer but her

3:33 hairstyle definitely has fangs that come

3:35 towards the front here so what you want

3:36 to do is simply take this brush and then

3:39 work your way down this way to help

3:40 create a nice smoother type textured

3:42 fringe sewn out the fringe area or the

3:45 bang area is pretty much almost complete

3:46 then we have this less area here to work

3:50 on and you can either use this brush or

3:52 you can use a round brush I'm actually

3:54 going to switch over to my round brush

3:55 to get a little more volume into the top

3:57 here

4:03 now that the blow-dryer is pretty much

4:05 all complete now I just want to finish

4:06 off the style with a little bit of a

4:08 hairspray nothing too stiff because you

4:10 want to have that manageability and that

4:13 look where it's not too overdone but a

4:15 little more of a playful kind of piece

4:16 of your feel so simply just spray the

4:18 hair all over and then after you're done

4:24 you can kind of piece it out with your

4:26 hands and create a more of a Messier

4:29 kind of fun look thanks so much guys for

4:32 watching I'm Steven Marinero the salon

4:34 guy 20 year hair stylist and celebrity

4:36 media and PE correspondent and thanks

4:38 for watching my video I had a style hair

4:39 like Kris Jenner

4:46 you