How to Stretch Tight Leather Shoes

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Those new leather shoes you just bought look great and go with many outfits, but they pinch just a bit. You can stretch leather shoes to better accommodate your foot. Leather shoes will loosen as you wear them as well. The best way to avoid uncomfortable shoes is to get a good fit before you buy, but if you can't bear to be without your leather lovelies, you can make them more comfortable at home.

Wear the leather shoes barefoot at home to pinpoint the problem areas.

Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Wipe the alcohol inside the shoes where they pinch. If the whole shoe is problematic, wipe rubbing alcohol all over the inside of the shoes.

Put on thick socks, then put on the shoes. Walk around the house. The leather will stretch as the alcohol dries.

Use shoes trees to stretch your shoes while you store them.