How to Stretch Leather Boots

Get those great new boots that squeeze your feet just a bit too much? This article will provide a few suggestions to stretch those boots out.

The easiest way to stretch your boots is simply to wear them and let them expand and shape to your feet. Obviously, this is the hardest way to get there. The application of saddle soap (purchased from a shop that sells horse products) prior to wearing them can help.

A second option is to apply a spray of rubbing alcohol and water (about 3 parts water to 1 part Isopropyl rubbing alcohol) to the boots and wear them. As the boot starts to dry, repeat the spray, keeping the boots moist. This may require multiple applications depending on how tight the fit is.

A third suggestion is to line the boots with a garbage bag and fill it with water. Freeze the boot filled with bag and water. As it freezes, the water will expand and stretch the boot at the same time. Allow the water to melt, remove the bag and water. Repeat as desired.

Another way to stretch your boots is to pack the boots with newspapers soaked in warm water. Allow the paper to dry, then remove. This is nice, as it does not require the discomfort of wearing them. Avoid newspaper with colored images, just in case to avoid the color running.

There are wooden shoe stretchers out there on the market. You might find them at a local shoe shop or online.