How to Stretch Denim Jeans

Julia Fuller

Did your denim jeans shrink the last time you washed them and now they need some stretching to fit? Next time, remember to use cold water only to wash your denim jeans and do not put them into the dryer. Hang your jeans to dry, outside when the weather allows, near a fan when the weather is not cooperative. Place your denim jeans into the dryer for two or three minutes if needed to soften them before wearing. How do you stretch denim jeans?

Do deep knee bends, toe touches, and squats to loosen jeans that you are able to get into, but they just feel a little too tight.

Lie flat on the floor or bed to snap, button, and zip jeans that you just cannot seem to bring together. If necessary, have a second person pull the sides together so that you can snap, button, and pull the zipper up. In extreme situations, use pliers to pull the zipper.

Spray water onto jeans that you cannot get into using a spray or sprits bottle until they are quite damp.

Pull the fabric by holding one side and having a friend hold the other side while it is damp. If another person is not available, place one side of the jeans securely in a vice grip, and pull the other side.

Pull the jeans on while still slightly damp as wet denim is more pliant.