How to Straighten a Hair Weave

Knowing how to straighten a hair weave is a great skill to have when you want to take your look from casual to sophisticated for an event or even just a change of pace. But straightening hair pieces can be a tedious task, especially when you have extensions that are pre-curled or were designed for a specific style. Follow a few tips to take your hair weave from curly or frizzy to straight and silky.

Make sure your weave is human hair. Synthetic hair cannot have heat applied to it or it will melt.

Brush through the curls or texturing of your human hair piece or extensions. Pre-curled pieces are not usually brushed while dry. Brushing the hair before shampooing will allow the curls to loosen so they won’t re-curl while under water.

Shampoo and condition the hair. This can be done at home or by your hair stylist.

Use a light gel or hair serum after washing your hair, being sure to use a moderate amount from the root to the ends. Brush your weave thoroughly to rid the weave of all pre-curls, which will now start to untangle.

Use a hairdryer with a comb extension on the end. If a comb extension is not available, be prepared to brush the hair while it dries. Dry the hair in 2-inch sections until completely dry.

Apply holding spray on the 2-inch parted sections. Brush with a bristle hair utensil, not a vent brush, and then apply the flat iron to the hair. Feel free to go over the hair two or three times to make sure it’s completely straight.

Use oil sheen throughout the hair once it is all straightened, and style as desired.