How to Store Shoes

Courtney Walker, Jimmy Choo

To ensure your favorite shoes will last for years, take steps to preserve their quality by storing them properly. Here are a few tips to help keep your shoes looking like new.

Brush off any loose dirt or dust with a dry cloth as soon as you remove your shoes from the box. Dust cloths you use for household cleaning can be used for this.

Place a shape holder inside the shoes. If you don't have a shape holder, you can simply stuff plain, non-acid tissue paper into the toe area of the shoe. This helps the shoe maintain its shape integrity.

Wrap the shoes gently in plain tissue paper, and place them in the shoe bag they came with. If they did not come in a shoe bag, you can purchase some at your local shoe store. Another option is to wrap the shoes individually in clean cotton towels or place in clean plastic bags. This helps protect the shoe from any dust or scuffing.

Put the wrapped shoes in the box they came in. Place the shoe box on a storage rack in your closet.

Make sure to write a short description of the shoe on the outside of the box facing outward so you know what shoes are in what boxes without having to open them.