How to Store Celery Sticks

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Celery is one of those basic vegetables that just about everyone keeps around the house. Whether you use it for recipes, for snacks or to fill you up instead of more unhealthy snacks, it's easy to keep fresh celery sticks on hand. Cut the stalks into snack-sized portions and save them in the appropriate containers. Your celery will stay fresh and crisp for about a week, ready to go whenever you need a snack.

Break off stalks of celery from the base. Wash each stalk separately under cold running water. Shake off any excess water.

Place the clean celery stalks on a cutting board. Use a sharp knife to remove the leaves and the tough seam between the main stem and the smaller leaf stems. Cut off the white bottom of the stalk. Cut the stalk into 4-inch lengths and split each length in two pieces lengthwise.

Place the cleaned and sliced sticks of celery into a plastic food storage box. Add cold water to the box until the celery is covered. Place the lid on the box and snap it shut. Put the box into the refrigerator and keep it on the shelf until you need the celery. Pour out the water and replace it with a fresh batch every day for the best flavor.