How to Store Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is a wonderfully versatile product. Whether it's granulated, light brown or the rich dark brown, there are countless things you can use it for. Brown sugar will keep just about indefinitely if it is stored properly. Read on to discover just how to keep it fresh.

Store brown sugar inside a zippered plastic bag and then inside a cannister with an airtight seal. This should prevent it from becoming hard due to the absorption of too much moisture which is usually found in the air alone.

If there is some hardening or caking, all you have to do is work it around within the plastic bag. This is much nicer than chipping pieces off and using them.

To soften sugar that is hardened really quickly and easily, put it in the microwave with one slice of an apple. Open the bag and place the apple right near the opening and set the microwave for 15 seconds. You will have nice soft sugar!

To revive brown sugar that's already a big hard block you can add several marshmallows to the plastic bag it's in. If you don't have marshmallows, you can use a slice of bread. This will take a couple of days but it will be nice and soft again.

With these few simple tricks you should never have to fight with brown sugar - or throw it away - again. Now enjoy it as if it were a new box every time you use it.