How to Stop People From Using Your Dumpster

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Many businesses have dumpsters to contain their trash until it is collected. In many cases, the dumpster has a weight limit included in its price, and the company will be charged an additional fee if the dumpster is over the limit. In order to prevent people from using your dumpster and increasing your trash bill, you can rent a dumpster with a dumpster lock. A dumpster lock will also prevent people from climbing into your dumpster and removing objects, also known as "dumpster diving."

Determine the dumpster size that you need. Generally, dumpsters come in the standard sizes of 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 40 yards. If you already have a non-locking dumpster, you can ask the waste company what its size is.

Contact a local waste collection company. You must rent a dumpster from a waste collection company. Tell the company representative that you need a dumpster that locks. There are a variety of different dumpster locks depending on the type of dumpster that you rent. Larger dumpsters have a bar-style lock, called a gravity-lock, attached to it and smaller dumpsters may have a key lock on them. You will have to rent a key lock from the waste collection company so that the waste collectors can open the dumpster to pick up your trash.

Ensure that the dumpster lock is in place when not in use. Check the lock before you leave the building to make sure that other people cannot put their trash in your dumpster.