How to Steam Vegetables


0:00 steaming is one of the best ways to cook

0:03 vegetables it leaves more of the

0:05 vegetables nutrients natural taste

0:07 texture and color intact than any other

0:11 method here is what you'll need

0:13 vegetable of your choice in this case

0:15 broccoli and water step 1 in a large pot

0:21 bring an inch or two of water to a boil

0:24 over high heat step 2

0:27 while the water is coming to a boil trim

0:30 and cut your vegetables it's best to do

0:33 this as close to cooking as possible so

0:36 they won't dehydrate or oxidize be sure

0:39 to cut all the vegetables the same size

0:42 so they'll cook evenly step 3

0:45 place them in the steamer on the steamer

0:48 rack or on the bed of foil balls and

0:51 cover them step 4 steam them only until

0:56 they're done most cut vegetables need

0:59 only is to steam for a minute or two

1:01 thicker pieces might steam for two or

1:04 three minutes step 5

1:06 serve immediately because the longer

1:09 they sit the mushy err they'll become

1:12 and this is how you steam vegetables