How to Steam a Wool Scarf

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Wool scarves often stretch out and become wrinkly after regular wear or from being stored in a folded position. To smooth out your wool scarf's unsightly wrinkles and help it return to its original size, you can steam it either with a regular heat iron or a steam iron. While neither option guarantees perfect results, they both should provide some improvements to the appearance of your scarf.

How to Steam a Wool Scarf with Regular Heat Iron

Lay an old towel over your ironing board.

Place the wool scarf wrong side up on top of the towel on the ironing board.

Stretch out your wool scarf to its desired dimensions, smoothing out any lumps and bumps. Put pushpins around the edges of the scarf to pin the scarf out to these desired dimensions. The pushpins should be spaced a couple of inches apart from each other.

Wet an old, white cotton pillowcase or sheet (whichever is large enough to cover the entire size of the scarf), and wring it out so that it is damp and not soaking wet.

Add water to your iron, plug it in and turn it on. Wait for the iron to heat up.

Lightly press the iron down on your damp pillowcase or sheet that has been placed on top of the wool scarf until the pillowcase or sheet is completely dry. This process will cause steam to come out from your iron, which travels through the pillowcase or sheet to steam the wool scarf.

Remove the pushpins from your scarf, and turn off the iron.

How to Steam a Wool Scarf with a Steam Iron

Repeat Steps 1-3 from Section 1.

Add water to your steam iron, plug it in and turn it on to the steam setting. Wait for the steam iron to heat up.

Hold the steam iron one-inch above the scarf, letting the steam from the iron permeate into the scarf. Let the iron steam a section for just a couple of seconds, and then quickly move on to the next section.

Remove the pushpins, and unplug the steam iron.