How to Steam a Lobster


0:01 lobsters do you know what they like to

0:04 eat better than anything else other

0:06 lobsters I'm Jawara the chef and today I

0:10 will show you how to steam your lobster

0:13 this is a lobster pot to steam your

0:16 lobsters so if we got to the holes in

0:19 there and everything cover if you don't

0:25 have a lobster pot you can have just

0:27 your regular pan do a little hole in

0:31 there and then let the lobster rest on

0:33 top the first thing you need to do is

0:39 put water in the bottom of your lobster

0:40 pot the next thing I will do I will take

0:52 a half a lemon and a couple bay leaves

0:56 for my seasoning it's very important you

1:03 must cook your lobster and your lobster

1:06 must be alive when you cook it do not

1:09 attempt to cook a dead lobster if you do

1:13 that you can't get very very sick

1:16 make sure rule is safety that your

1:19 Lobster is alive before you cook it

1:23 now you turn on your heat now you let it

1:25 come to a ball now pot steaming now get

1:33 ready put it in the pot and the steamer

1:36 and you let it steam for 15 minutes

1:47 and that's all you have to do carefully

1:52 removing the lid you get steam careful

2:00 with the steam but the steam ground a

2:01 little bit take your tongs and remove

2:05 your lobster

2:12 it's a beautiful red color nice and hot

2:16 and the most of all is ready to eat now

2:18 only thing you need now it's melted

2:21 butter and someone to show you how to

2:24 eat it that's in the next video I'm

2:27 Jawara the chef and that's how you steam

2:30 your lobster mmm that's what I'm talking

2:32 about