How to Start an Email Prayer Chain

Many people are firm believers in the power of prayer. When life events happen that you feel need to be comforted by prayer, starting an email prayer chain is a great way to get the prayer request out quickly. People from all across the globe can participate, giving perfect strangers or friends and family strength and comfort.

Find others to join you. You can share your idea with family and friends, people in your church or Sunday School Class, social groups that you are in and anyone else that you think may be interested in joining. Explain to them that you want to have a way to share your prayer concerns and praises throughout the week and be able to pray specifically for individuals.

Once you have a group of people who are interested in joining your email prayer chain you need to collect email addresses. You can ask people to write them down for you or you can create a form with spaces for names and email addresses so that you can keep them all together and are less likely to lose them.

Create a group in your email address book that is dedicated to your prayer chain. If you do not know how to do this you may want to check out the FAQ or help tab from your specific email provider, since each can vary. You want to have the addresses in a group because it will allow you to very easily send out an email to everyone on your list with one simple click.

Use your email prayer chain to share your concerns and burdens with fellow believers. You can send out an email once a week, or other regular times. You can send one out when an emergency comes up or big issues arise, you can use them to update prayer chain members on situations that they have been praying about over time. Encourage other members to do the same, and let everyone know that concerns that are shared need to remain confidential.

Consider setting up a group in Yahoo or another group site to host your email prayer group. This gives members the option of getting individual emails or receiving the day's emails in digest form (once at the end of a day or week).