How to Start a Dutch Braid


0:01 Hi! I’m Kerri Hernandez I’m here today on, here at Cynergy Dance

0:05 Studio where you can find us at, I’m here to talk to you today about hair

0:12 braiding different types, do's and don’ts and the ways to do that. The next thing we’re

0:17 going to do is the Dutch braid. What you want to do is start with a section on the top like

0:21 we did in a French braid, pull the hair together without getting your comb tangled, pull it

0:29 through. I’m going to take three sections just like in a French braid only I’m going

0:37 to go under the middle section, next I’m going to take a loop from a section from the

0:47 side and gather it with a left section here and go underneath the middle just like in

0:56 a reverse braid. I’m not sure if this is called the Dutch braid although I’ve been

1:03 told it is I’m sure there’s plenty of different names for everything what I’m

1:08 going to do is I’m going to take the side of this comb and pull it smooth here so it

1:11 looks prettier. Gather it with the right section and go under the middle and pull it tight

1:21 and that looks pretty, take some from the left side and attach it with the left strand

1:30 and go under the middle section and grab some more from the right side, in with the right

1:45 section and go under the middle strand. Each/Every person has an easier way to do it and this

1:53 isn’t mine but the French braid I think it’s a little bit easier because you’re

1:59 going on top, this is going underneath but it’s such a pretty look and you can add

2:05 Baby’s breath or pretty flowers in the French braid to make it special for a wedding and

2:13 pretty ribbons or bows always look great and underneath the section.