How to Start a Coffee Shop


0:00 hi I'm Martha the failure from tower

0:02 coffee roasting and I'm here to talk to

0:04 you about how to start your coffee shop

0:05 to start your car to shop your main

0:07 thing is to select a good good coffee

0:10 you want to be able to have the best

0:11 coffee available out there to be able to

0:14 serve the best coffee to your customer

0:16 an important thing is also to have a

0:17 great staff baristas are known to make

0:21 good cappuccinos Goodlatte is good

0:24 espressos that's what you want you want

0:25 to quality control all the way from your

0:28 roster that provides you the product to

0:30 the ballots that are serving to your

0:32 customer you also want to good

0:33 atmosphere you want people to feel

0:35 welcomed into your place you want some

0:36 nice people that work for you you want

0:39 people to come every single day into

0:41 your cafe they do not go to restaurant

0:45 every single day we are good to resume

0:46 once a week once a month I don't know

0:48 how we can welcome to the cafe every

0:50 single day so select a good coffee

0:52 make a good drink at the end and you'll

0:55 be very successful - I just taught you

0:57 about how to start coffee shop