How to Start a Children's Clothing Line

Clothes for children net hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit each year for the designers of the clothing lines and the companies that license and manufacture the clothes. Designer lines of clothing for children are more popular now than ever before. Names like Burberry and Oshkosh B'gosh sell at increasingly higher rates each year. Learn how you can turn your eye for design and your talent for marketing into a line of children's clothing that could earn you a share of this hot clothing market.

Sketch your clothing line before you begin. Look at the way children dress and get a feel for the trends, then sit down and do a full color sketch of each piece of clothing you want to include in your line. Use a three-ring binder to collect your sketches.

Make a sample of each piece of clothing in your line. If you aren't good with a needle and thread yourself, talk to a friend who is. You can pay her upfront to help out or work out a deal with her if the clothing line becomes successful.

Approach local clothing shops and ask to show your work to the company's buyers. Work out a deal to sell your line of children's clothing in the company's store on a consignment basis. This allows you to take advantage of a store's customer base. Consignment means you get paid if an item sells, after the company gets its 20 to 30 percent. Many local private-owned clothing stores are open to this type of arrangement.

Attend a fashion trade show (see resources). This is a good way to show your children's clothing line in front of clothing buyers from around the world. Interest at a fashion trade show is a chance to have your clothing line licensed, which means the manufacturing and promotion will be done by another company while you collect fees for licensing.

Use online buyer/seller agencies (see resources). These types of websites introduce specialized buyers to small business owners with a product to sell or license. This is a good way to introduce your clothing line to interested buyers using the vast reach of the Internet.