How to Soften the Hair on the Beard

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Winter is the time for sweaters, jackets, and warm wool socks. We put hats on our heads, and men have the luxury of growing bushels of facial hair to keep their faces warm. Beards get a bad reputation for being full of crumbs, too coarse for kissing, and a bit unruly looking. However, with proper cleaning and care, you can have a beard that is well groomed, soft and morsel-free.

Purchase a beard shampoo and conditioner that are scented to your liking. Try not to mix fragrances. If you cannot find a scent that you like offered as both a shampoo and a conditioner, consider buying an unscented shampoo or conditioner and the scented version of the other.

Shampoo your beard in the shower like you would shampoo your hair. Work the shampoo deep into your beard, making sure to reach the roots and the skin under your beard. Allow the cleaner to set for a little while before rinsing it thoroughly.

Apply the conditioner to your beard just like you would apply it to your hair. Work the conditioner in well, and then rinse it out.

Comb your beard while it is still wet, making sure to pull out any knots and clean out any flakes of skin or stray food particles that may have found their way into your beard.