How to Soften Leather Belts


0:05 hello my name is Polina Reutemann I'm a

0:07 costume designer and fashion stylist and

0:09 today we are at Mary Meyer clothing

0:11 boutique in Brooklyn New York and the

0:13 question I'm going to answer is how do

0:15 you soften the leather belt I have a

0:17 leather belt here it's my own personal

0:19 belt though and I don't want to soften

0:21 it so the way I'm going to demonstrate

0:22 it is I have a piece of leather here

0:24 just like a scrap piece of leather that

0:26 I brought that I'm going to show you on

0:27 that because it's the same thing you

0:29 would just do it on your belt so one

0:33 there's two options I'm going to talk

0:34 about I'm going to demonstrate one and

0:36 then tell you about another one option

0:38 is rubbing alcohol you just take it take

0:41 a cotton pad and you would basically

0:48 just dab it on your leather and you

0:51 could keep going over it just for a

0:53 little while and then once that's done

0:57 you take some Vaseline

1:04 and you rub it over it and you could put

1:07 a few layers on the more you put on the

1:09 softer it'll get and then you would

1:12 leave it to dry overnight that's a safe

1:15 bet usually and by the morning you'll

1:17 have a nice soft leather belt that is

1:20 the first option the second option is

1:22 takes it's a little more time-consuming

1:23 you could take your leather belt you

1:25 could leave it out in the Sun for about

1:26 10 minutes to heat it up if you don't

1:28 want to do that you could take a hair

1:30 dryer and just blow the hair dryer over

1:32 it until it's until it feels warm to you

1:34 and then you would take cooking coconut

1:36 oil and do the same thing that I just

1:38 did with the Vaseline just rub it over

1:40 it and then the more you do it the

1:42 softer it'll get the only thing with

1:44 that is if you do that with the coconut

1:46 oil it's gonna darken your leather so

1:49 whatever leather boat you have black

1:50 brown anything it'll darken it'll be

1:53 like a shade or two darker than what you

1:55 initially had so you have to keep that

1:56 in mind it's a good trick if you want to

1:58 darken it but if you don't I'd stick to

2:01 the Vaseline it's a little more safe for

2:03 color and my name is Polina reitman and

2:05 I just answered the question how do you

2:07 soften the leather about thank you for

2:09 watching

2:14 you