How to Shorten the Sleeves on a Men's Dress Shirt


0:04 hi this is Katrina Sade from fuzzy

0:07 studios and today I'm going to be

0:08 showing you how to shorten the sleeve of

0:10 a men's dress shirt so for this

0:12 particular project you're gonna need a

0:13 couple of tools you're going to need

0:15 your seam ripper you're going to also

0:17 need a bunch of pin so have them handy

0:18 you'll need an iron and you're going to

0:21 need your sewing machine if you don't

0:23 have a sewing machine you can do this

0:25 particular project too by hand

0:26 I do recommend using a sewing machine

0:28 it'll go a lot quicker so the first

0:30 thing you're gonna want to do is take

0:32 your seam ripper and you're going to

0:33 detach the sleeve from the shirt to do

0:37 this

0:37 just follow the seam line from the

0:39 shoulder all the way down and around

0:42 detach it all the way as you go once the

0:46 sleeve is detached you're going to take

0:49 your iron and you're going to press the

0:51 unfinished edge making sure that it's

0:53 nice and flat so you have a good surface

0:55 to work with at this point you're going

0:58 to take your predetermined measurement

0:59 so for instance if you want to shorten

1:02 it by an inch you're going to cut

1:04 following the line of the sleeve 3/4 of

1:08 an inch down so again if you want it

1:10 shortened by an inch you're going to get

1:11 3/4 of an inch off because you're going

1:13 to have a fourth of an inch hemline once

1:15 you've made your cut making your sleeve

1:18 shorter you're going to pin the sleeve

1:21 of the shirt back to the body of the

1:23 shirt so go ahead and take one of your

1:26 pins and starting from the shoulder seam

1:29 line you're going to reattach the sleeve

1:32 to the shirt you're going to pin a

1:34 fourth of an inch down starting from

1:40 that shoulder seam all the way around

1:42 from that seam line to the armpit and

1:45 all the way back up at this point take

1:47 it to your sewing machine and you're

1:49 going to sew a fourth advantage in from

1:52 the unfinished edge this will give you

1:54 1/4 of an inch hemline at this point

1:57 your sleeve is going to be finished it's

1:59 going to be shorter and the appropriate

2:01 length thanks for watching this is

2:03 Katrina saga from fuzzy studios

2:12 [Music]