How to Shave Your Bikini Area

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There are a few different methods of pubic hair removal. Shaving, waxing and laser hair removal. But waxing can be painful and laser hair removal expensive. Which leaves us with the most common method, shaving. When done right, shaving your own bikini line can save you money and be a lot more convenient than getting it done professionally.

Soften the area you plan on shaving. Hot water will help soften the hair by itself but a little hair conditioner will work wonders. Just leave it in for a few minutes while you're in the shower.

If you have really long hair, trim it down with a pair of scissors before you go at it with a razor. If the hair is longer than 1/2 inch, it tends to clog the razor.

Lather your pubic area with shaving cream. Any type will do. Shaving cream, foam, gel or even just plain soap lathered up really well will work.

Using a sharp razor, shave with the grain of the hair in long slow motions. This will help prevent shaving rash in your pubic area as well as ingrown hairs.

Rinse the area clean and touch up any spots you might have missed. No one wants to see any hair outside of your bikini line. Shave against the grain if necessary for stubborn patches. Be careful not to cut yourself.

Use an alcohol toner or after shave to disinfect any cuts you may have. This will also help close up any open follicles and prevent those awful red razor bumps, which can ruin your bikini line. Follow that up with a moisturizer.