How to Shave Without Shaving Cream

Photo Taken By: Mary K. Baird

Sometimes you may be in a bind because you run out of shaving cream or perhaps you are tired of using shaving cream and are looking for something different. Well, there is a way to shave without using shaving cream, and it includes something you probably already have on hand in your bathroom.

Prepare the area you need to shave by dampening it slightly .

Grab a hair conditioner. This is a great use for that conditioner you didn't like for your hair, or any cheap conditioner you keep on hand. Squirt a small dollop in your hand and then massage into the area you need to shave. Apply it just as you would a shaving cream.

Take your razor and begin shaving the area as you normally would. Remember to rinse the razor, just like you do when using a shaving cream.

Use a wet wash cloth to remove the remaining conditioner from your skin, then towel dry. If you shave an area that normally requires lotion afterwards, you should be able to skip using it now because the conditioner is very moisturizing.