How to Shave Testicles

How to Shave Testicles. No man likes the concept of taking a razor to his testicles. Somehow the two just don't mix very well. But shaving your testicles isn't as ominous as you might think if you take the necessary safety precautions.

Shave your testicles with a standard razor and some shaving cream by positioning your testicles in front of a mirror with a cup of warm water. Soak your razor in the warm water for a few minutes before you get started.

Shave your testicles with an electric razor by first patting your testicles dry with paper towels or by applying baby powder to them. If you are going to use an electric razor, you need your testicles to be perfectly dry. Your testicles gather moisture from the natural oils your skin produces, so you want to gather up as much moisture as possible before you get started.

Pull the skin of your testicles tight so you can effectively shave your testicles. The skin of your testicles is very sensitive so you want to be extremely careful--especially if you decide to use a standard razor to do the job.

Make very few strokes with your razor if possible. Your testicles are a very sensitive part of your body. The fewer strokes you have to make, the better. Have a towel underneath you to catch any hairs or shaving cream that might drip. Rinse your razor blade in the warm water frequently to keep the blade clean.

Use a circular motion with your electric shaver to shave your testicles clean. Go over your testicles with your electric shaver as many times as necessary to achieve clean-shaven results.

Shave your testicles regularly if you want the scratching to stop. A couple days after shaving your testicles, you might notice that stubbles are coming back. But if you shave your testicles on a regular basis a few times, your hairs will soften and the stubbles won't bother you at all.