How to Shave Legs for the First Time

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Shaving her legs for the first time is an exhilarating rite of passage for many young girls, although it doesn't make the experience any less scary. According to WebMD, there is no correct time for a young woman to begin shaving, and it's best to seek the advice of your mom, older sister or aunt on whether you're ready. If you are ready to start shaving your legs, it's important to prepare your skin and use the correct products to prevent shaving cuts, ingrown hairs and the dreaded razor burn.

Soak your legs for at least five to 10 minutes prior to shaving. Splash your legs with water, or take a soak in the tub. Either way, according to WebMD, a hydrated, soft skin is easier to shave, and helps you avoid nicks and cuts.

Cover your lower legs with a thin layer of shaving cream or gel. Parent's Connect recommends young girls only shave from the knee to the ankle because generally the hair on the thigh is thinner at this age. Allow the shaving gel or cream to sit and soften your skin for three to five minutes.

Shave with a new disposable razor in the direction of your hair's growth, which is generally downward. WebMD recommends inexperienced shavers use a disposable razor because it's easy to operate and lightweight. If you're unsure which direction your hair is growing, ask your mom, older sister or aunt to help you make this determination. Start on the area just below your knee and slowly work toward your ankles.

Continue to shave your legs slowly until you've finished your lower leg and ankle. Rinse off the razor after every one to two swipes to remove the hairs and used shaving cream. Apply additional shaving cream to the knee, if necessary. Move slowly and use caution while shaving your knee, advises WebMD, as this area is tricky.

Rinse off any remaining shaving cream and pat your legs dry. Apply an after-shave cream or moisturizing lotion to your legs. Treat any nicks or cuts by applying an antiseptic ointment. Cover the area with a small plastic bandage.