How to Sharpen a Pair of Scissors for Cutting Hair


0:00 hi I'm Marco said salon Republic and

0:03 today I'm going to show you how to

0:04 sharpen your scissors what you'll need

0:07 is a stone a rough stone and a smooth

0:10 stone first you want to take your

0:13 scissor open them up and clean them of

0:16 any hair that might be on there so it

0:18 doesn't affect the sharpening the best

0:22 cloth to have is a chamois to clean the

0:25 blade from any hair one thing that's

0:29 very important is safety when sharpening

0:31 the scissors because they are already

0:32 still very sharp and they will cut you

0:35 so you're going to open your blades

0:37 place it on your stone and run it down

0:43 the stone light touch all the way to the

0:49 tip run it a couple times and you'll

0:54 flip it over and do the same thing on

0:56 the other blade basically what you're

1:01 doing is polishing the blade clean it of

1:05 any residue that might happen the first

1:11 stone is a rough stone the second stone

1:13 is your polishing stone and you'll open

1:19 it again you're going to do the same

1:21 strokes light touch and run it down in

1:25 the same direction you were you did

1:27 before

1:33 flip it over and do the same thing on

1:38 the other blade light pressure you can

1:45 also just to clean them up if it just

1:49 needs a little cleanup you can also use

1:52 a telephone book the same way you open

1:55 your telephone book the pages of the

1:57 phone book are really fine sheets of

1:59 paper so that you can polish it even

2:01 further you're running it down the same

2:03 direction as you did on the stone on

2:07 both sides

2:18 and again wipe off any residue and

2:25 you're ready to cut hair my name is

2:28 Marcos de Cordova at salon Republic

2:30 thank you