How to Sharpen a Disposable Razor

It is unnecessary to dispose of razorblades after they have become dull because it is possible to save those razors by resharpening them. This can be accomplished by simple home methods as well as professional devices. By doing this, you will save your money and cut down on needless waste.

Jeans Method

Take out all of your disposable razors that have become dull.

Pull out a pair of blue jeans. Any jeans will do, as long as they are made of denim material. The diagonal threading and material sharpen the razor by removing any nicks in the blade.

Lay the jeans out on your bed or on the floor.

Extend one pant leg from your jeans and hold it down and outward by gripping the bottom of the legging.

Stroke your dull, disposable razor down the full length of the jeans leg.

Do this motion on the jeans leg about 10 to 20 times.

Turn the disposable razor around and repeat the process in the opposite direction.

Save A Blade Method

Purchase the Save A blade razor sharpener. This portable device sharpens your razors by returning your blade to a like-new state. You can purchase these devices in stores such as Walgreens. It is very easy to use.

Insert your dull, disposable razor into the Save A Blade device.

Press the sharpening activation button and in a couple of seconds, the blade will be sharp again. The Save A Blade accomplishes this task through its precision silicone carbide sharpening apparatus that revolves over the blade at the pace of 3,000 revolutions per minute.

Drying Method

Clean off the razor after you finish shaving by placing it under warm running water.

Shake off any residual water and hair on the disposable razor.

Dry the razor by gently blotting the razor blades with a hand towel.

Leave the razor blade out to air dry. This process preserves the sharp edge of the blade after shaving because a wet blade will lead to corrosion.