How to Sew Detachable Spaghetti Straps

by Melly Parker ; Updated September 28, 2017

Buttons help create detachable spaghetti straps.

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Detachable spaghetti straps let you go from strapless to straps in a few seconds. It’s easy to attach them to a dress or top yourself. One benefit of detachable straps is that you can loosen or tighten them as your arms or bust change in size or shape. You don’t need to be an expert seamstress to add detachable spaghetti straps to your look. You just need sure fingers and a few inexpensive items.

Place a button on the inside of your dress, approximately one inch below the top of the bodice. The spaghetti strap will end at the button, so be sure it is placed in a good spot for the strap to rest on your shoulder. Sew the button into your dress with the needle and thread. Use a thread color that will blend in with your dress. If it's a lined dress, just attach it to the inner lining.

Place the second button on the inside of the back of the dress, just below the back part of the bodice. This is where the spaghetti strap will end. It should be in line with the first button. Sew it onto the dress the same way you attached the first button.

Repeat placing and sewing the two buttons on the other side of your dress.

Put on the dress and run the ribbon from one inch below the front left button to one inch below the back left button. Make sure the strap fits snugly over your shoulder.

Cut a slit in the ribbon and slip the button through the slit. Be sure it's a tight fit with the button, but not so tight that you can't remove it whenever you please.

Repeat with the second strap on the other side of the dress. Add or remove the strap you've created whenever you want to modify your dress.

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