How to Set Your Watch

by braniac

You always need to know what time it is. Be sure to set your watch when you travel to different timezones, or when day light savings time starts or stops.

Items you will need

  • a watch
  • cable or satellite tv
  • cell phone
  • your fingers
  • a wrist
Step 1

Take off your watch.

Step 2

Consult a trusted time keeping source and determine the correct time. My best suggestions for this are either a Satellite TV or Digital Cable system, or a cell phone. If you are staying in a hotel, call the front desk and ask them.

Step 3

If you have a digital watch, put it in "time change mode", and use the buttons to update your watch with the proper time.

If you have an analogue watch, loosen the winding stem so that it is in the "time changing" position. Wind the arms until they are in the correct time.

Step 4

If you have a digital watch, exit the "time change mode".

If you have an analogue watch, push the winding stem back to its normal position.

Step 5

Enjoy being punctual with your watch now telling you the proper time.


  • If you are someone that is always running late, set your watch ahead 15-30 minutes. Try to forget that you have set your watch ahead. It is really best to do this when you are very inebriated or very tired so forget you've done it.


  • Don't do this while driving. especially at night.