How to Set an Invicta Lupah Watch

by David Hicks ; Updated September 28, 2017

Setting a watch is easy.

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The Invicta watch company, founded in 1837, has been focused for nearly 200 years on providing reasonably-priced Swiss watches to the general population. Invicta creates watches with both style and function as the focal point and maintains a large market share. Setting a Lupah watch from Invicta can be confusing, but becomes easy once you are familiar with the watch.

Hold the watch case in your left hand.

Locate the crown on the right side of the case. There will be a button on the upper and lower right, and the crown at the 3 o'clock marker.

Pull on the crown until it clicks a single time. If the date of the watch is incorrect, rotate the crown clockwise to change the date (one day at a time). When the date is correct, pull on the crown until it clicks again.

Rotate the crown clockwise to adjust the time until it is properly set. To set the seconds hand, set the watch slightly ahead of the reference time you are using, and wait until the second hand matches the real time before you activate the watch.

Push in the crown one click to start the hour, minute and seconds hands, and push it in a second click to close the crown. The watch is now set and sealed.


  • The buttons on the side of the Lupah watch are for the chronograph timing function.

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