How to Sell Used Shoes

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You may have a fairly new pair of shoes that you no longer want or cannot wear anymore. Your shoes may be a recent purchase, but many retail stores will not accept accessories that have been worn. If you want to recoup at least some of the money you spent to buy the shoes then the only alternative may be to sell them. You can do so locally or through one of the many avenues online. You may receive more interest in your used shoes if you provide pictures and detailed information.

Check the shoes for problems. Keep in mind that any problems with the shoes will reduce the customer’s interest in buying them. Fix any fault that you can, if possible.

Clean the shoes to remove dust, dirt and stains. Pay particular attention to the soles. If you are selling a pair of used leather shoes, consider applying some polish.

Take pictures of the shoes. This is necessary if you plan to sell the shoes online. Let the pictures show the front, sides, back and soles. Take pictures from all angles so online customers can have a good idea of what the shoes look like.

Write a description of the shoes. Your description should include the attractive features of the shoe as well as the faults so the potential customer can make an informed decision.

Advertise the shoes for sale. If you wish to sell the shoes online, you can do so through auction sites like eBay, classifieds sites like Craigslist or social networking websites like MySpace and Facebook. If you wish to sell the shoes locally, you can place an ad in local papers or post flyers around your neighborhood. Include your description of the shoes in your listings.