How to Sell Estate Jewelry

How to Sell Estate Jewelry. There are various resources to aid in the process of selling estate jewelry. Money can be made on estate jewelry whether it was inherited from a distant relative or you picked it up at a flea market. Take your time to do research and follow the tips outlined below to find profit when getting rid of antique jewelry.

Get the pieces appraised. This costs money but is necessary to ensure the quality of what you are working with. Unless you are a jewelry expert, find an appraiser and expect to pay for a professional appraisal.

Sell through an auction house. There are many auction houses out there that deal strictly with estate sales. This is the best way to ensure the sale of inherited items, but it does give the least amount of return.

Try to sell them online. Everything can be sold online at auction sites like eBay. The good thing bout selling on an auction site is that you can set a reserve price close to the appraised price and accept no lower than this amount. It may take longer to sell this way, but it does get you the most profit.

Donate the estate jewelry if it has any historical value. If the jewelry is in perfect condition, is very rare, or your family was an important one in the history of your geographical area, a museum may be interested. They do not pay for jewelry, but you can write off the donation in your tax return.