How to Sell Diamonds

How to Sell Diamonds. Diamond jewelry pieces are good investments since they rarely lose their value over time. If you have some diamonds that you are looking to sell, you need to know the basics of marketing the piece in order to get the best price. Read on to learn how to sell diamonds.

Find out the value. You need an appraiser to let you know the monetary worth of the diamond. This gives you a better idea of how much you should try to sell the piece for to potential buyers.

Know the four Cs. Before you sell the diamond, you need to know the cut, carat, clarity and color of the jewel. This information is normally provided in an appraisal.

Write a description. After you gather all of the information about the diamond, put it all in ad form. Place the ad in the newspaper or hold an online auction to sell the diamond.

Sell the diamond to a jeweler. If you don't want to go to the hassle of selling the diamond, you can see if a jeweler is interested in the piece.

Give a complete history of the diamond to any interested party. Let them how you came to own the piece and how you took care of the piece while it was in your possession.

Include all appraisals and certificates with the sale of the diamond. Diamonds with paperwork are more likely to get a better sale price.