How to Season Cooking Pots & Pans


0:00 hello I'm chef Peter Ryan from Cook

0:02 Street school of culinary arts today

0:04 we're going to talk about seasoning pots

0:05 and pans now we're talking about

0:07 seasoning pots and pans we're referring

0:09 to treating the inside of your pots and

0:11 pans with a thin coating of oil thereby

0:14 creating a nonstick surface the

0:16 materials needed obviously pots and pans

0:18 and they usually cast-iron we also need

0:20 some cheap vegetable oil and a very hot

0:23 oven that has been preheated but to

0:25 about 350 degrees the steps to take our

0:29 first make sure your pots and pans are

0:31 clean and free of debris once that's

0:33 taken care of you want to heat up your

0:35 pot or pan put a little oil in and heat

0:39 up the oil until you see the surface

0:41 starts to Ripple a bit once that's been

0:43 taken care of

0:44 you want to remove any excess oil

0:47 carefully wipe it out and take the pot

0:50 or pan and put it in your preheated oven

0:55 and leave it in there for about 45

0:57 minutes to an hour after about 45

1:00 minutes to an hour you want to carefully

1:03 remove your pot or pan put it on a

1:07 surface and allow it to cool for a

1:09 little while good take about a half hour

1:11 once it's cooled you'll notice that the

1:13 inside of the pot or pan is nice and

1:15 shiny thereby creating a nonstick

1:18 surface