How to Season a Pot Roast in a Crockpot


0:01 Hi, this is Josiah Owen and today we are going to talk about making pot roast. Now we have

0:07 our vegetables already cooking. We have our meat seared so what we are going to do is

0:12 take the lid off and we are just going to lay this meat on top of the vegetables. You

0:20 see it is almost a perfect fit. At this point we are going to take the rest of the vegetables

0:25 I said that we put to the side and fill around the sides.

0:38 Go ahead and get rid of the bowl and now we should have our bottle of wine. We are going

0:47 to use probably about half of this. Just go head and pour on top of everything. If you

0:53 want to substitute a little bit more water and less wine you can but this is perfectly

0:59 fine. This is what would react with the rosemary I was talking about and a little bit more.

1:07 Make sure that all of that is in there. Check the bottom have nice little base going in

1:19 there and as the vegetables cook they would release some moisture as well and there you

1:26 go.