How to Run a Clothing Store

A typical clothing store or boutique is usually run by the owner and a small staff consisting of salespeople and a cashier. Though the store may be a small operation to run, there are still several factors to be considered in maintaining a successful business. A strong business sense, good organizational skills and a feel for productive management are key factors that can make or break a retail business.

Hire competent staff. A good team is important in the success of a clothing store. Friendly and attentive salespeople and a quick cashier will ensure that the business is run smoothly, that customers are satisfied and that everything in the store is organized and clean.

Stock the store with plenty of merchandise. Always make sure to have clothing and accessories in different sizes and quantities. Give your customers plenty of options to choose from. Also make sure that your shipments of new merchandise are on schedule.

Create a pleasant atmosphere. Play some popular or soothing music for your customers. Offer snacks and refreshments. Decorate the area in a pleasing style and provide seating areas, giving customers a chance to take a rest. All of these aspects will create a comfortable atmosphere and tempt customers to spend more time in your store.

Keep a detailed inventory of your merchandise and keep track of all the money going in and out of the store every day. Keeping inventory of your merchandise ensures that all apparel is accounted for, and it will also let you know if anything goes missing or is stolen. Keep a logbook or spreadsheet and update it daily.

Promote and advertise your store. Make fliers and pass them out in your neighborhood. Advertise in the local paper and regional magazines. A good marketing strategy will increase traffic to your store and increase sales.