How to Run a Blackjack Party

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If you are planning a home blackjack party involving real currency, consult your local gaming laws before going any further. While many states allow for a social game at home, many do not allow for advertising, which might include invitations. As the host, be sure to familiarize yourself with statutes involving a social game as well as using your home for a "gambling place" or "gambling establishment." Once you are informed, plan accordingly to make sure your blackjack night is a "hit."

Hiring Professionals

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There are many advantages to hiring professionals to manage your blackjack party. Consult with a party supply rental store or party planning professional to see what options are available in your area. Primarily, a professional outfit brings in all of the expensive hardware a blackjack party needs, including professional gaming tables and a large supply of poker chips. They may supply dealers, allowing for multiple blackjack tables and for the host to play as well. Another advantage is if you are hosting a cash game, a professional gaming outfit manages the procedure of chip buy-in and pay-out. Local laws and services vary, but if yours is to be a one-time game and you want it to be professionally run, hire professionals.

Do It Yourself

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If you are planning on running the blackjack night yourself, you need blackjack tables, a lot of decks of cards and plenty of poker chips. A typical large blackjack table sits eight to 10 people. Smaller tables generally allow for four people to play. Determine the value of your poker chips and how much each game costs to play. For example, if you are hosting a $2 game, you want chips valued at $1 and $5. You sell these chips for cash as guests arrive. If you plan on playing yourself, you also need to purchase your own chips. If people run out of chips and need to purchase more, sell them from the pot, or the dealer's winnings. Keep the cash collected in a safe place. You will buy back the players' chips at the end of the night. If you are not dealing the games yourself, you need people you can trust to act as dealers at each of the tables you set up.

Food, Drink and Music

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When planning a menu, plan on foods that won't taint the playing cards with grease or discolor them in any other way. Tainting allows cards to become marked and makes cheating easier. Drinking leads to bathroom breaks, which pauses games. Offering cocktails over beer may keep adult beverages in play but cut down these interruptions. Arrange for transportation such as a cab ride home for any player who drinks too much. For music, anything goes, but keep the volume low enough that game play is the primary focus. A buffet of subs, a few bottles of decent Scotch and a classic-rock station playing quietly in the background would be appropriate.

Host Duties

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If you are a novice, study up on the rules of the game. As the host, you will be the one to settle any disagreements on game play that come up throughout the night. You open and inspect any new deck of cards that comes into play throughout the games. As the host, keep the mood of your blackjack party light and not too competitive. Have fun playing cards with your friends.