How to Roll Up Khaki Pants That Are Too Long

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Men and women alike roll up their pants for a number of practical and fashion-forward reasons. Khaki in particular is an ideal pant fabric for rolling and styling for a casual, summer style that shows off colorful socks, elegant canvas shoes and even a flirty wedge. Many people struggle with pants that are too long directly off the rack, but fortunately a few on-point rolling techniques can take that pair of ill-fitted khakis and turn them into a fashion success.

Put on the pair of khakis. Put on a belt if you are going to wear one as well as the pair of shoes and socks you plan to wear with the khakis.

Flip up the bottom hem using about 2 inches of fabric to create a base cuff for the khakis. Repeat with the second leg to create two evenly matched hems. You can stop at this point if you only have a small excess of fabric at the hem.

Flip up the cuff a second time on both pant legs to create a more startling, longer cuffed look on the khakis. If you want to wear your khakis so that they hit right around the back of your heel or just above your foot, you can stop rolling the khakis now.

Roll the cuff a couple more times, making sure to remove any wrinkles. Keep the cuffs evenly matched on both legs. This technique creates a tight, clean roll that hits just below the calf. This look pairs well with a pair of canvas shoes or sandals.