How to Roll Silverware Into Napkins

Whether you are working in a restaurant, for a catering service, or you are going to throw your own dinner party, knowing how to roll silverware in napkins is a handy skill. When you roll the silverware into a napkin, setting a table quickly and neatly is much easier and the silverware is less likely to fall on the floor or get dirty before it's used.

Rolling Silverware Into Napkins

Stack the silverware like this: place the spoon on top of the fork, and the fork on top of the knife.

Lay your napkin out flat so that it looks like a diamond from your perspective.

Place the stack of silverware on the far right hand corner of the napkin, leaving enough of the corner so that you can tightly tuck it over the top of the middle of the stack.

Tuck the corner of the top of the stack tightly so that the silverware stays neatly stacked.

Roll the stack of silverware tightly to the middle of the napkin.

Pull the bottom corner of the napkin up and tuck it tightly into the roll.

Continue to roll the silverware until the whole napkin is rolled.

Place a napkin ring around the middle of the rolled silverware to keep it rolled.

Repeat the above steps until you have enough silverware for everyone plus a few spares just in case.