How to Roast a Tri-tip like the chefs do

Pan roast beef tri-tip resturant style.

Remove tri-tip from wrapper, rub or sprinkle the salt and pepper on the sides of the roast. Place it into a skillet with enough vegetable oil in the bottom to brown the meat. On medium high heat brown meat on all sides, this will sear in the flavor and juices.

Once the roast is browned, add some of the oil and broth the meat was browned in to the pan you plan to roast the tri-tip in, or roast it in the skillet if it is deep enough. The broth and oil may be a small amount so use it all if necessary. Add the onion cut into slices, and 3 bay leaves to the oil and cook till slightly browned. Add the roast to the roasting pan with the browned onion. Place enough water to almost cover the roast, but not completely. Count the cups of water and for each cup of water add 1 beef base cube to the liquid. This should be about 5-6 cups of water for a 4 lb. roast. Bring to a boil, turn down the flame and roast 1-1/2 hr. or more if a large roast 2 hrs. Check by piercing the roast till the fork comes out easily. Do not boil fast, a good simmer is plenty.

After roast is tender, remove to a platter and let it sit about half an hour to set the meat for slicing that won't tear up the meat during slicing. Remove the bay leaves from the remaining juice of the roast. Place about 3 cups of the broth into a sauce pan to make gravy.

Gravy is made the easy way with cornstarch and cold water. Place 3 tablespoons of cornstarch into a jar or container with a lid. Add enough water to melt down the cornstarch and shake it till it disolves completely. Gently add the cornstarch mixture to the pan of drippings, this should be heating but not boiling. Stir the misture and bring to a low boil, cook until it turns a clear instead of opaque liquid, and also thickens. Turn off the pan and cover till serving time.