How to Resize Engagement Rings

by Charlie Gaston ; Updated September 28, 2017

Have your engagement ring sized properly to avoid a poor fit.

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An engagement ring is a precious possession that needs to fit perfectly to avoid discomfort or, even worse, loss of the ring. Many jewelers offer resizing services, which may require only a few hours or a day to complete. Resize your engagement ring up or down a size for a more comfortable fit. While resizing an engagement ring is a job best left to professional jewelers, it is important to know all of your options before having the service done.

Visit a local jeweler so a professional can determine your ring size and how much the ring needs to be altered.

Attach spacers, such as sizing beads, if the engagement ring is too large. A jeweler can solder two beads of metal on the inside of the ring. Jewelers use beads made from the same type of metal as the one used to make the ring so they blend with the rest of the band.

Attach extensions if the engagement ring is too small. A jeweler will remove half of the original ring and replace it with a new shank. Expanding the diameter of the ring will loosen the fit and make it more comfortable to wear.

Stretch gold engagement rings. A plain gold band is malleable and easy to stretch. Other metals that can be stretched are platinum and titanium. Jewelers use a special mandrel for stretching rings.

Test the fit of your engagement ring. Pass the ring onto your ring finger and slide it over your knuckle. The ring should slide comfortably over your knuckle and sit at the base of your ring finger without pinching the skin or rotating too easily around your finger. If the engagement ring inches forward or bounces when you move your hand, it is still too large.


  • Visit a jeweler who specializes in engagement rings.

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