How to Reply to RSVP

In etiquette class the basic courtesies are taught. Some schools do not teach how to reply to R. S. V. P. On fact some people do not know what that means. I would like to teach you some things about R. S. V. P.

Receiving an invitation with an R. S. V. P is asking your courtesy to communicate back to the person who sent you that invitation. Most often times this is an organized event planning on the number of people who reply to the R. S. V. P. in any way. This should be done as quickly as possible.

Learning that R. S. V. P means reply to inform a person what your intentions will be to a party or function. The R. means respondez S. means S'il V. means vous P. means plait. These are French words meaning answer if you please. In American it means Please respond to my invitation.

Included on the R. S. V. P. will be any special information you need to know about the planned party. If there are other questions you have; about attire, or what is expected of you, feel free to inquire.

Call or write your answer to the person who sent you this request. It is not always stated on the invitation what mode of communication is preferred, so you may choose how to reply to the R. S. V. P. If the invitation requests a written notification, you can write a simple, I accept. If you wish to also bring a guest, you can also mention that you will have an escort when you write your acceptance.

Replying as quickly as you can, is extending courtesy to the person wanting to count how many people to expect at a gathering of people. The number of replies from an invitation that has an R. S. V. P. on it will allow plans for food, beverage, seating and perhaps even where an event will take place.