How to Repair Arnette Sunglasses

Arnette Sunglasses are designed for young, stylish, active individuals. Dozens of styles are offered in metal and plastic frames and at affordable prices. All sunglasses must be adjusted to fit the individual structure of each wearer's face, and the tiny screws holding each component together may need to be tightened periodically. Rather than sending your glasses to the Arnette repair facility, you can adjust them to a certain extent with a glasses repair kit.

Tighten the hinge screws with a glasses repair screwdriver until the temple opens without difficulty but is no longer loose. Use either the tip of the screwdriver or the bolt tightener on the end of the screwdriver cover depending on the type of fastener used on your glasses.

Tighten the screws securing the nose pads until the pads are no longer loose. Some nose pads don't use screws at all, others are secured with a cross-pin style or a nut and bolt style screw set. You may need to use the bolt setting on the end of the glasses repair screwdriver to tighten the nose pads.

Insert intact lenses back into the metal frame and insert the original screw or a replacement screw through the bracket located around the lens frame. The brackets are typically located near the nose pads, but the location varies with each frame style. Tighten the screw gently. There should be no space between the lens and the frame, but the bracket shouldn't be tight enough as to crack the lens.

Ask a glasses repair technician to heat and reform plastic frames that either no longer fit properly or have been bent. Do not try to heat the frames at home; you can crack or melt the glasses. Most reputable sunglass retailers offer free or reasonable adjustments and repairs.

Send your glasses to the Arnette repair facility if your lenses are broken or if your glasses are defective and are still under warranty. You may have to pay a small fee for the repair, but you cannot repair lenses yourself.