How to Repair a Rubber Heel Shoe

shoes image by April K from

Rubber wears down after constant use, and you probably use your rubber-soled shoes quite often. If your rubber soles have worn down, consider repairing them before buying a new pair. The fix is a simple one and only takes a few hours of your time. Most of that time involves allowing the shoes to dry. A special adhesive material makes any rubber-heeled shoe like new again. As long as you know how to paste and glue, this project will be a snap.

Examine the heel of the rubber-soled shoe, and determine the area where the damage is greatest.

Spread newspaper onto a flat surface like a table or bench, and set the shoe on top of the newspaper with the sole facing up.

Squeeze a generous amount of the rubber adhesive material onto the surface of the sole right in the spot where the damage is the greatest.

Spread the adhesive material out from the center in a circular motion using an ice pop stick or similar spreading device. Cover the entire damaged area with the adhesive material.

Slide the spreader over the adhesive carefully in one pass to make a flat, consistent surface. Do this quickly before the adhesive material has time to set up and cure (usually within 10 minutes).

Allow the material to dry and cure for 12 hours (or as specified on the label).